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{}: networked discursion
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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- {} =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Whoever produces in the act of consumption has no real acquaintance with books."
Friedrich Kittler, Aufschreibsysteme 1800/1900
{} is an engagement with the dialetheic condition of the discursive field, an oscillation between incoherent overdetermination and coherent delimitation, without attempting to hierarchically simplify discourse into underlying parts or overriding assemblies. Asynchronous and collaborative discourse implies a breaking down of the inherited practices which privilege final-formats and static discourse objects, substituting an interminable negotiation between withdrawn surplus and the momentary isolation of discursive “states”. The discourse, similar to any database or quantum object, cannot be judged in terms of completion, and can only be examined or measured through attenuation and intervention. Disrupting any chance for a linear organization of discourse, {} is a dissolution of meta-structure into the flat ontology of discursive unit objects. In contrast to the values of data fetishism, non-authorial contribution and the negation of resolved outcomes resist unitary metrics and performatively enact the conditions of “unfixity” within discursive exchange. As a part of a larger project, {} observes the material spaces and practices of discourse as an interface, as a space of engagement, and as a mode of production The web interface involves the development of a network tool - this network tool - which provides for asynchronous contributions without presence of the author. The space of engagement involves the design of temporary organizations which push beyond the homogenized space of office-researcher and return to a custom arrangement of necessary tools for interaction and production. The production of tactile outcomes involves a custom-built pen plotter for continuous printing of the discourse states derived from the interface. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - {} is exactly that - a discourse among many within an undulating discursive field. By no means is this a suggested unitary manner of discursive exchange, but a project based around the idea that proliferative practices will allow for strange negotiations to take place and create an anarchic network of institial spaces and practices. As within any anarchic practice, it must be consistenly legitimized or negated, based on what is working now. No system deserves to be sustained, and none ever could be.